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Welcome to the online home of Stucco Repair Comox Valley!  Proudly serving the greater Comox Valley and surrounding areas for stucco services.  Whether it’s residential, commercial and anything in between if it’s stucco, it’s our business!  Call us today for a free service quote

Stucco Repair Comox Valley

Welcome to Stucco Repair Comox Valley, your one stop service company for everything stucco related.  Whether you’re in need of repairs, painting, new installation, design, resurfacing and everything in between you’ve come to the right place.

Proudly serving the greater Comox Valley and surrounding regions, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality in craftsmanship.  Our focus on attention to detail and above all else, customer service is sure to satisfy.

As one of the best stucco companies we employ highly skilled and reputable experts and tradesmen.  You can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting a top notch jobs that not only gets done right the first time, but in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner.  Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing quality work as hardworking professionals with years of experience in repair and installations.

Our company is capable of handling all types of job requirements from residential exterior and interior all the way to commercial buildings.  We even have the ability to perform resurfacing for large scale building such as apartment or townhouse complexes.  If you’re apart of a strata and in dire need of a face lift for your complex, feel free to call us to get an on site inspection and quote at 778-400-6100.


Affordable Stucco Services

No project is too big or too small.  If your home needs some work inside or out and are in over your head with the materials and cleaning required to get your project done from start to finish give us a call today.  We’ll have one of our experts visit your home and give you an accurate estimate and quote on time.  Enjoy the affordable pricing so you can lay back and relax while we handle the workload.

We’re committed to making sure every customer is a happy customer!  When first arriving at your project location whether it’s your home or a building you rent or manage it’s incredibly important to first assess the entire scope of the project to start with the end in mind.  Creating a clear picture of what exactly you want for the end result helps us prep for the task at hand.  We can ensure the job gets done the right way the first time around.

See how easy your stucco repair project can be with Stucco Repair Comox Valley.  Call us today to get started: 778-400-6100

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The Quality Stucco Contractor

We are a Stucco contractor that strives to always provide the greatest service for the best prices in town.  We commit to ensuring that you’ll be satisfied with our work while working on your project.  Enjoy the experience of having our team handle the job at hand.

Our company mission has always been set on being able to deliver the best services to the Comox Valley area.  We love to see our customers smiling and happy from our great quality work.  Stucco Repair Comox Valley is all about seeing our satisfied clients left with a smile on their face.

Know that when you have our company working for you, you have a company that puts your needs first.  We guarantee customer satisfaction on every project.

Wall Stucco Repair

While working with stucco is our bread and butter, it’s not exactly for everyone.  The home handyman or do it yourself-er will deal with a lot of headaches if they’re not experienced.  Most often we’ll have requests to repair damaged stucco walls or ceilings with dents or holes.  The first step to our process requires prepping the damaged areas.  We start with sanding and filling the holes or replacing partitions if need be.  

It’s time to start matching paint once the damaged area has been cleaned and filled.  Matching the stucco texture quality to blend in the new repairs is also a very important part of the process.  Stucco painting is usually the part where most handymen or home owners struggle with blending in the new work.  Our stucco expert team will be able to precisely match the stucco texture and paint color.  This allows the new stucco to completely blend in with your walls or ceilings without anyone being able to tell the difference.

Sometimes our clients even forget exactly where the damages were it’s such a perfect match.  So if you’re home, store or building is in dire need of wall or ceiling repairs, give us a call today and see how amazing our work can be.  You can contact us by calling the number below.

Custom Stucco Installations Comox Valley

Do you just absolutely LOVE that stucco texture that gives total uniqueness to your home with every inch?  While stucco walls may not be for everyone, we understand that there’s a lot of people out there who just adore the unique texture.  There’s a special ambiance and feel that only stucco walls can deliver.  We make it a pleasure to work with us on your installation projects.

Adding stucco to your home’s interior can give it a special feeling and atmosphere.  Ancient Greek and the Romans admired the unique style stucco can bring to your home.  The flexibility of the material can allow for so many custom designs and styles.  There are limitless amounts of textures and styles to choose from.  Smooth paintable surfaces to the dynamic rougher coating keeps every style and job it’s very own.

Many high end homes also feature the classic look of pattern styled stucco on ceiling trim to create an elegant look and style.  Homeowners all over can experience significant increases in their home value after having professionally made custom stucco installations.  Getting started with us is a simple process for any installation project big or small.


Planning The Stucco Installation

We understand that your home or place of work is of upmost importance to you and we always strive to over deliver at every opportunity.  When first starting your installation project our team will start with the planning phase to start with a clear picture of the end in mind.  What sort of style are we aiming to achieve, what texture or pattern even the final paint colors to match your dream walls or home.  From the planning begins the installation process where we start with prepping the area for the work to be followed.

Keeping your home or place of work clean during the entire process is something our customers absolutely love.  While on the job we maintain a clean a safe work space for not only our pros but for you as well.  Once the main installation process is completed we always run through a quality assurance inspection.  We can then address any final touches to be done before we guide you through the job for final inspection.

Customer satisfaction is kept in the highest regard so once you approve the job, and only then, will we begin the final clean up to wrap up the project.  While all of this seems like a lot of work, we virtually guarantee you won’t find another company in the area that does the job as fast and as well as we do in such an affordable process.  Give us a call today and see how easy it is to have the best in the business get your job done right!

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